I am excited to be chosen as a winner for the 2022 Helsinki Photo Festival held from July–October 2022 in Helsinki, Finland. The work chosen for this festival is from the series underlying.

Odessa Meteorite

I'm happy to announce that my photographic works LIGO Control Room, OSIRIS-REX Disturbed Surface, and Tiehm's Buckwheat will be on view at the IVLA's Connecting and Sharing - Envisioning the Futures of Visual Literacy August 10–12, 2022 in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Television screens in an office setting with windows computers a control room for LIGO Hanford photograph by Eric Zeigler
LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) Control Room/Detection in Progress

Black and White difference photograph of the before and after osirix-rex mission compiled by Eric Zeigler
OSIRIX-REX Disturbed Surface

Black and White photograph of mountains in Rhyolite Ridge in Nevada by Eric Zeigler
Tiehm's Buckwheat, erigonum tiehmii, Last 10 Acres of Habitat, Nevada

In Fall 2021, I began a virtual residency with Aaron M. Ellison through the SciArt Initiative. Our blog which tracked our progress is available here.